rsync client for Chrome OS?

Perry Hutchison pluto at
Tue Jan 8 01:48:59 UTC 2019

Uxio Prego <uxio.prego at> wrote:
> Hi, hey android allows execution of _legacy_ static
> binary programs, via unpacking of binary as asset,
> then chmod ing it properly and finally running it
> through a system call [from e.g. the Java userland
> of a vanilla android application package].
> I doubt that Chrome OS doesn't include some
> equivalent facility!

Chrome OS does allow for running Android assets, but:

* They run in an Android container, and do not have access to Chrome
  OS configuration and user files.

* This feature was added relatively recently, and enabling it requires
  specific support code to be written (and released) for each particular
  platform.  It hasn't been done for the platform I'm using.

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