rsync client for Chrome OS?

Perry Hutchison pluto at
Mon Jan 7 09:00:56 UTC 2019

Parke < at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 9:54 PM Perry Hutchison via rsync
> <rsync at> wrote:
> > ... I'm wondering if anyone here
> > knows of an implementation of rsync client for Chrome OS in normal
> > (not developer) mode, i.e. as an app or extension.
> Have you tried compiling rsync statically (on a non-Chrome OS system)
> and seeing if it will run on Chrome OS?  Linux is Linux, after all.
> ...
> (I also don't know if you can even run any third-party binary
> executables on Chrome OS if you are not in developer mode.)

I very much doubt that Chrome OS would make this possible, given its
focus on security.  (If it _were_ possible to exec a user-supplied
file in normal mode, one could do all sorts of interesting things
with executable shell scripts -- like setting DISPLAY to point to
some other machine.)

While it would certainly be possible to import a blob that happened
to be a binary for some CPU type (into, say, the Downloads directory),
without developer mode there is no chmod command and thus no way to
mark that binary as executable.  Also, I suspect that user-accessible
filesystems are mounted no-exec.

I suspect what I'm looking for is a reimplementation of rsync (or a
useful subset, e.g. I doubt I need ACL support) in Java.

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