[Bug 13735] Synchronize files when the sending side has newer change times while modification times and sizes are identical on both sides

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Wed Jan 2 17:44:34 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Kevin Korb <rsync at sanitarium.net> ---
Yes, a user can back-date the mtime on a file.  This is what rsync does when it
copies a file then copies the timestamp.

Your suggestion of a better --checksum option is an interesting idea but so far
we don't even have a --checksum that behaves even as intelligently as the man
page describes it.  Try rsycing a big tree to an empty dir with --checksum. 
According to the man page --checksum shouldn't matter but you will see that it
checksums files when it has nothing to compare them to.  It should skip
checksumming files that have no match.  It should also skip checksumming files
that don't have matching file sizes but it doesn't.  This is why I say that
--checksum is almost always a bad idea.

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