--partial does not "unhide" the files

Heiko Schlittermann hs at schlittermann.de
Tue Jan 1 02:17:10 UTC 2019

Kevin Korb via rsync <rsync at lists.samba.org> (Mo 31 Dez 2018 20:50:03 CET):
> I can't say I have any idea why rsync would just skip that step and I
> can't duplicate it myself.
> Your only recourse might be to use --inplace on that system.

Hm. receiver.c or rsync.c both contain the debug info string "renaming
%s to %s\n". Which of both files is responsible on the receiving side?

The target systems is built with the buildroot tool (I suppose) and is
basically just a pimped busybox environment.

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