[Bug 13071] [PATCH] Allow --partial-dir with --inplace

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Wed Apr 10 19:01:41 UTC 2019


Ferran <pallares.ferran at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Ferran <pallares.ferran at gmail.com> ---
I've come across the very same idea exposed in this request and was about to
code a patch for it. A quick search in the bug tracker showed up this patch,
which looks very sensible to me, and I would like to show my support for it.

Aside from the clear space-saving benefits, being able to transfer files
directly into the partial directory will speed-up resuming an interrupted
transfer by saving an unnecessary copy (from the partial dir to the
.hidden.file.hgsxjk). Saving this copy can make the difference when the files
are large.

However, I don't get the benefits of using this option in conjunction with
--link-dest, could you give us some more detail?

I've just tested the patch myself in the development version (3.1.4dev) and the
feature works as expected. The patch looks quite simple and self-contained, and
doesn't seem to interfere much with other features. Is there any reason (aside
from time limitations) why this patch hasn't been landed yet?


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