Possible not expected behaviour with "delete" option

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Thu Apr 4 15:28:48 UTC 2019

It doesn't seem like the trailing / on the target should matter.  It
only means something special on the source.

However, if there is any error then rsync will abort the deletions for

On 4/3/19 2:10 PM, lugarci1 via rsync wrote:
> Hi, I was trying to make a mirror backup of a folder in my machine with
> the followin|g command:|
> |rsync -avh --delete /source/ /destination|
> |
> |
> |But the extra files that where on "destination" didn't got deleted.
> Where as doing:|
> ||rsync -avh --delete /source/ /destination/||
> ||worked as expected.||
> ||
> ||
> ||I wonder if this is correct, or it shouldn't be like that.||

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