rsync of big image files from virtual hosts takes lot of time

Kevin Korb kmk at
Sat Oct 20 18:05:59 UTC 2018

I don't see any --stats output.  It will tell you exactly how much data
was involved.

A local copy means that rsync isn't networking.  Rsync speeds things up
by running on 2 separate computers and communicating using the rsync
protocol.  If you are running rsync on a single computer with the source
being a mounted SAN volume and the target being a mounted cifs share
then as far as rsync is concerned that is a local copy.

So, either get the cifs server to speak rsync (either over ssh or with
rsyncd) or just use cp.  Only copying the changes isn't all that helpful
when rsync has to read the whole target file over the network just to
find out what is different about it.  That is why --whole-file is
implied when rsync isn't networking.

On 10/20/2018 02:00 PM, Lentes, Bernd via rsync wrote:
> ----- Am 20. Okt 2018 um 18:56 schrieb rsync ML rsync at
>> First, add --stats to find out how much is being transferred.  Second,
>> if these are fixed size or sparse image files then --sparse will be a
>> big help.  Finally, if they are not fixed size or sparse then --inplace
>> is probably making things worse.
>> --no-whole-file is the default btw unless you are doing a local copy.
>> If you are doing a local copy then just use cp as it is much faster at that.
> This is what i just got rsyncing a 300GB file:
> sending incremental file list
> mausdb.raw
> sent 1,195,156,775 bytes  received 19,873,319 bytes  67,721.77 bytes/sec
> total size is 289,408,024,064  speedup is 238.19
> real    299m1.693s
> user    68m12.737s
> sys     7m56.389s
> (i put time before the command).
> The files are fixed size, no sparse files.
> What do you mean with a "local copy" ? Source and Destination on the same disk ?
> In my case the source reside on a SAN attached via FC, the destination is a cifs server.
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