rsync sends -C and -x options silently

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Wed May 16 17:38:31 UTC 2018

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> This newer rsync version appears to be sending -C and -x options to the
> server, even though they are not set on the client side.

It's not. What it is doing is sending information in the -eSTRING option
that tells the server some extra compatibility info that can apply to even
older protocol versions. In the --server -e arg's string the 'x' and 'C'
flag characters can be present these days, and more internal flags may be
added in the future. So, it sounds like you just need to fix your option
parsing to recognize that -e is followed by a free-form string arg. Also
note that when --server is specified, the -e arg has a different meaning
than it does to the client, so don't be confused by the -e option in the

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