[Bug 13423] Checksum option does not work as expected when append-verify is used

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Tue May 8 12:52:13 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from Kevin Korb <rsync at sanitarium.net> ---
>From man rsync --append:
> If a file needs to be transferred and its size on the receiver is the same or longer than the size on the sender, the file is skipped.

--append-verify does the verify AFTER an append happens so if --append won't
copy the file neither will --append-verify.  Since --append essentially means
only care if the source file is bigger the file is ignored.

The combination is why I said you probably don't want either option and
especially not both options.  With both, all files on both ends are checksummed
first (even files that are only on one side!)  Then files that are bigger on
the source are appended to.  Then the files are verified.  Then if the
verification fails rsync throws a warning and redoes the whole file --inplace

Normally I recommend against --checksum but I have no Mac experience and I
don't really know how your disk image files work.  In many cases it is actually
faster to use --ignore-times (delta-xfer everything regardless of timestamp)
and maybe --inplace instead of --checksum.  Usually --checksum is used when you
can't afford to write out a new file because of limited/slow writes or because
you are retaining the old version and don't want a new version unless it is
actually new.

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