[Bug 13496] lseek returned -1, not 2147483648: Invalid argument (22)

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--- Comment #2 from Peter Koch <samba.pkoch at dfgh.net> ---
(In reply to Peter Koch from comment #0)

Dear readers:

Problem has been solved, Here's what was going on:

1: I was (partly) wrong when stating that there were
   no files with size >2GB in our /home-directory

2: Both 32bit and 64bit executables on Solaris 10 do
   support largefiles. So does rsync.

3: One of our administrators created a NFS link from
   our mailserver into our fileservers /home-directory
   and for some reason forced the Solaris machine to
   use NFS version 2

4: 3 day ago a file of size>2GB was created on our
   mailserver. rsync detected this file within the
   /home-directory. It had size >2GB but due to the
   NFS version 2 limitation only the first 2GB of this
   file were readable. So lseek(2GB) returned -1

Now I'm using rsync -aHAx instead of rsync -aHA and
everything works fine again

Thank you all for this wonderfull software


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