[Bug 11338] Rsync Crash - Segmentation fault

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Thu Jan 4 11:04:54 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from Ralph Corderoy <ralph-sambabugz at inputplus.co.uk> ---
Hi Wayne,

I don't know if James's SEGV is the same root cause as Balveer's that
was two years earlier, but I'm seeing SEGV like James's.  Both times, my
network connection was down when rsync was run by cron;  sounds similar
to James's `network timeouts'.

This is on Arch Linux with rsync 3.1.2-8 that depends on acl 2.2.52-4,
attr 2.4.47-3, glibc 2.26-8, and popt 1.16-9.

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