combining two back ups...

Morgan Read mstuff at
Thu Feb 22 11:42:47 UTC 2018

Hello list,

See verbose background below[1]

I've just backed up my oldmachine that I have been using recently to an 
external drive with:
sudo rsync -avuAESX /home /run/media/mylogin/Backup/home

I have a newmachine that I want to back up to the same destination and 
merge to that backup because I'm about to send it away for repair - 
which is why I've been using the oldmachine.

I'm concerned that I've replaced some of the files in the oldmachine 
with symlinks, that I've updated some of the files on the oldmachine so 
that they are now newer than the files on the newmachine and perhaps 
deleted some files from the oldmachine.

What command should I use to ensure that the backup is updated from the 
newmachine with files for symlinks in the backup, newer files in the 
backup are preserved over older files from the newmachine, files that 
don't exist in the backup are added from the newmachine?

Will the same command do that:
sudo rsync -avuAESX /home /run/media/mylogin/Backup/home
I'm mainly unsure about what will happen to symlinks in the backup.


[1] I have got my self in to the situation where I effectively have two 
backups that I need to merge to one - I have an oldmachine and a 
newmachine, I needed to back up the newmachine to the oldmachine and 
start using the oldmachine while the newmachine is repaired, so I 
rsync'd the newmachine to the oldmachine and started using the 
oldmachine for new work...  Now I'm concerned that I've lost some files 
from the oldmachine while the new machine has been lying idle...

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