rsync xattr support doesn't play nice with selinux

Shaya Potter spotter at
Wed Aug 22 21:09:52 UTC 2018

If one is rsyncing a machine without selinux (therefore no security.selinux
xattr on each file), to a system that has selinux (even in permissive
mode), rsync doesn't play nice.

basically selinux seems to make it appear that every file has
security.selinux xattr on each file (I think this is virtually if there's
no physical attribute, as if one disables selinux, the attribute
disappears).  rsync sees that on the temp file it created there is an xattr
which is not on the source file and therefore tries to remove it, but this
fails, which causes rsync to believe it failed as well.

It be nice if there was  way to tell rsync to ignore some xattrs that might
be automatically created on the destination while still allowing xattr
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