rsync to my external eSATA HD is crashing/freezing my system...

Dave Gordon dg32768 at
Tue Apr 3 10:42:44 UTC 2018

On 25/03/18 15:32, Morgan Read via rsync wrote:
> On 19/03/18 14:01, Morgan Read wrote:
>> Hello list
>> I've been running the following command, first in fc20 and then now
>> (since the beginning of March) in fc26:
>> now=$(date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M"); sudo rsync -ahuAESX -vi /home/
>> /run/media/readlegal/Backup/home >
>> /run/media/readlegal/Backup/rsync-changes_$now
>> Since the move to fc26, this command has caused the complete
>> freeze/crash of the system.  I tried it under multi-user non-graphic
>> mode in case it was something to do with new graphics systems (don't
>> know why).  The output of the above always stops at:
>> sending incremental file list
>> .d..t...... Music/FLACs/Various_Artists/Temple_Sampler/
>>  >f+++++++++
>> Music/FLACs/Various_Artists/Temple_Sampler/13-brian_mcneill-the_butterfly_chain.flac
>> (total 183 bytes file size, always)
>> By complete freeze/crash I mean:
>> * hard-drive light indicates spinning, but no noise (activity)
>> * unable to ssh in
>> * unable to ping
>> * in multi-user text, I'm first able to switch to another login
>> console, but then unable to progress past the login password; after
>> switching to other consoles, the original login screen attempt has
>> gone blank other than a blinking cursor top left
>> * in graphic mode, there's no (inter)activity whatsoever possible -
>> though screen has desktop on it
>> * the only apparent solution is a hard reset
>> The external drive is a WD 750GB hard-drive in a external
>> hard-drive caddy connected via eSATA cable to an old Dell Vostro 3500.
>> Any help or suggestions debugging this would be really appreciated.
>> Many thanks
>> Morgan.

If the problem arrived with the upgrade to fc26, it could be a driver
issue. There may be some newly enabled driver feature that breaks your
hardware. For example, some external USB drives (e.g. Seagate Backup+
Hub devices) don't properly support UAS, so when that became the default
in the kernel those drives started misbehaving. Perhaps something
similar has happened to eSATA?


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