[Bug 13061] File lost on case-insensitive file system

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Fri Sep 29 09:27:45 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from towo at towo.net ---
Actually, I was too eager minimizing the test case, sorry.
I can only reproduce it reliably with additional options -vltoD :
rsync -vrltoD --delete-after src /backup

Also sorry for the bogus error message, actually it looks like:
building file list ... done
deleting src/vivaldi

(where a file src/Vivaldi exists, a file /backup/src/vivaldi existed before and
is then deleted)

Attempts to remove options for reproducing the issue expose weird behaviour;
for example, if I strip "ltoD":
rsync -vr --delete-after src /backup

it also happens initially, but if I repeat the test, it does not happen again
until I revert to the previous options (of course with a fresh test case setup
each time).

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