rsync does hours of "fake-work" after failure

Ben RUBSON ben.rubson at
Fri Oct 6 13:08:56 UTC 2017

> On 06 Oct 2017, at 13:18, Frank Steiner <fsteiner-mail1 at> wrote:
> Ben RUBSON wrote
>> I encountered same issue and proposed the following patch :
> Sorry, I really missed that as my search keywords were completely
> different :-)
>> Perhaps you should give it a try ?
> Yes, that works fine! Thanks a lot! I'll use my own patched rsync
> until these patches are accepted (given how old they are, is rsync
> unmaintained at the moment?).

You're welcome !

Wayne is committing regularly :;a=summary
I've written some patches and bug fixes I hope to see in 3.1.3 :)


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