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Sun Nov 26 22:06:32 UTC 2017

with --no-i-r you at least get some idea of the # of files to check.


On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 09:34:25PM +0000, Simon Hobson via rsync said:
  >> I looking for a solution to display overall rsync progress on an LCD display as a bargraph.
  >> I have found 2 parameters:
  >> --progress
  >>             This  option  tells  rsync  to  print  information  showing  the
  >>             progress of the transfer. This gives a bored user  something  to
  >>             watch.  Implies --verbose if it wasn't already specified.
  >>             While  rsync  is  transferring  a  regular  file,  it  updates a
  >>             progress line that looks like this:
  >>                   782448  63%  110.64kB/s    0:00:04
  >> But they are not showing the overall progress during the transfer what I need.
  >Bear in mind that until the sync is almost finished, rsync does NOT know how much is left to do. AIUI, one thread is running a compare, working down the directory tree and building a list of files that aren't up to date on the target. Another thread is then taking files from this list and syncing them.
  >So at any point in time, there is a queue of files to be synced which is NOT complete, and a process that's syncing those files one at a time. Until the first thread is done, there isn't even a list of files, and until the sync is running, there isn't information on how much needs to be transferred for each of those files.
  >It's well worth reading Andrew Tridgell's PHD thesis where the algorithm is detailed. It's quite readable and gives a good insight into how rsync works.
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