Solution for rsync overall progress data display

netbsd at netbsd at
Sun Nov 26 14:27:00 UTC 2017


I looking for a solution to display overall rsync progress on an LCD 
display as a bargraph.
I have found 2 parameters:

               This  option  tells  rsync  to  print  information  
showing  the
               progress of the transfer. This gives a bored user  
something  to
               watch.  Implies --verbose if it wasn't already specified.

               While  rsync  is  transferring  a  regular  file,  it  
updates a
               progress line that looks like this:

                     782448  63%  110.64kB/s    0:00:04

But they are not showing the overall progress during the transfer what I 

All I would need is to get data out of rsync either the completed data's 
bytes size or completed percentage what I could pipe into another C 
program or a text file what my app could periodically read to construct 
this graph.

One solution would be to run a dry rsync, get the number of overall 
bytes going to be transferred and keep running du -s /datadir to get the 
directories size where the rsync goes into but this is not feasible with 
over 1TB data and lot of small files.

Thank you.

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