Rsync to just upload new/updated files without comparing source/destination

Amit tutejaamit5 at
Mon Nov 20 20:28:01 UTC 2017

Thanks for your inputs. Surprisingly i tried executing the following command
but end up deleting ssh.exe in Cygwin folder when source folder path is
incorrect or not reachable.

rsync --remove-source-files -v -av -r /cygdrive/c/AmitTest/ ssh
username at destinationserver:/cygdrive/e/AMIT/AmitTest/

I am wondering if remove source is doing some tricks there but unable to
find root cause why ssh.exe will get deleted with this command. It has
happened twice since yesteday and today i noticed this happened when i
executed this command. Any idea why this can be happening?

Unfortunately i don't have way to copy ssh to Cygwin\bin folder as i keep
getting 'Access Denied' error from windows explorer and cmd (tried taking
ownership of Cygwin folder as well).


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