Rsyncing without RSH or SSH ?

Brian K. White brian at
Mon Mar 20 20:35:29 UTC 2017

> Any possibility of a version of rsync that doesn't need RSH or SSH?

rsync already doesn't need rsh or ssh.

* On host A (server, with room to accept big uploads):

Edit /etc/rsyncd.conf, add this to the end:
         path = /srv/rsync/hostb
         auth users = hostb

Edit /etc/rsyncd.secrets, add this line:

mkdir -p /srv/rsync/hostb

sudo rsync --daemon

* On host B (client, uploading to server):

RSYNC_PASSWORD=hostbpass rsync -avz /path/to/dir hostb at hosta::hostb

Replace "hosta" with whatever hostname or ip address for "Host A".

On hosta, the rsync --daemon wil listen on port 873 and the traffic will 
go direct from rsync on hostb to rsync on hosta, no rsh or ssh.

For single huge files like dd images though, dd|netcat is a lot faster.


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