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Wed Mar 1 17:38:15 UTC 2017


--- Comment #7 from roland <devzero at web.de> ---
please mind the note from this posting when using pv:

It seems that pv is waiting for data from rsync, and rsync is waiting for data
too (stuck in select()) and not closing the input to pv. So it's a deadlock.
Same happens when you substitute pv with something else (like dd). It seems
that those commands just don't behave like rsync expects them to.

Haven't found a workaround short of killing everything:

export RSYNC_RSH="sh -c 'pv -qL10k | ssh \"\$@\" | (pv -qL11k; kill \$\$)' ssh"

kill is not a solution I'd be happy with. But I haven't found another.

Of course using $$ was the lazy way out, should kill pv instead but how to
obtain the pid in a oneliner? pidof just gives any pv pids. Querying their
respective parent pids seemed a bit odd for a oneliner.

Looking forward to a real solution... ;)

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