[Bug 12915] --modify-window should default to 1 for fat filesystems

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Wed Jul 19 14:18:45 UTC 2017


--- Comment #7 from Ian Kelling <iank at fsf.org> ---
> But here in the US for half of the year you need --modify-window=3602 instead.

I think people use vfat because there are a lot of devices out there
like android which require it, and they only care about timestamps in so
much as they can tell rsync which files need to be copied.  We are in
daylight savings right now, and syncing to filesystem made with
mkfs.vfat seems to work fine with less than 3602 modify window.

> Rsync should not be responsible for detecting what a filesystem can handle.  Many things can obscure those facts from rsync on a per-directory basis  (or even a per-file basis).

That's the only good argument I see. The bug asks if we can
detect it. If it's not feasable in normal efficient operation,
case closed.

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