Inconsistent behavior using 3.1.2 from macOS 10.12.2 to an AFP mount

Steven Kilby stevenkilby2 at
Tue Jan 3 15:16:50 UTC 2017


I've been attempting to use rsync 3.1.2 to copy files from a macOS 10.12.2
system to an AFP mounted share. The command I'm using is:

rsync -avAX -M--fake-super ./testDir ./mnt/testDir/

This works fine and all the extended attributes are copied and readable.

I then try to use rsync to copy these files back with:

rsync -avAX --fake-super -M--super ./mnt/testDir/ ./testDir2/

This outputs errors such as:

rsync: get_xattr_data:
lgetxattr(""./mnt/testDir/./testFile2"","",0) failed:
Attribute not found (93)

When I use a few -vvv this pattern is present:

[sender] pushing local filters for ./mnt/testDir/
[sender] make_file(testFile1,*,2)
[sender] expand rsync_xa to 40 bytes, did move
[sender] make_file(testFile2,*,2)
rsync: get_xattr_data: lgetxattr("" ....

The attribute is on testFile1 and so of course it is
"not found" on the second file. The first file was copied without any
extended attributes.

It appears that somehow rsync loses track of what file has the attributes.
Has anyone seen this before? This happens every time when going from the
AFP mount to the mac. I don't see this when I mount the same folder using
SMB. I've seen this one time and only one time when going from the mac to
the share.

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