[Bug 12576] popt aliases allow users to bypass sudo argument restrictions

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Fri Feb 17 14:56:24 UTC 2017


--- Comment #8 from Paul Donohue <samba-bugs at PaulSD.com> ---
I agree with the general philosophy that it isn't rsync's problem to secure the
command line.  However, I don't see any good way that sudo can secure the rsync
command line unless rsync provides some mechanism for disabling popt aliases,
hence why I'm proposing these patches.

Note that popt aliases are an optional feature of popt and are not
automatically enabled when popt is used, so this problem will not necessarily
affect every program that uses popt.  However, perhaps an alternative solution
would be to extend popt itself to allow popt aliases to be disabled in some
standard way in any application that uses them.  (Maybe a standard command line
option that applies to all programs using popt, or an environment variable, or
some code to automatically detect when popt is running under sudo and disable

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