Huge directory tree: Get files to sync via tools like sysdig

Axel Kittenberger axkibe at
Thu Feb 9 14:27:26 UTC 2017

Directory creation is not a race condition when done properly.

The application (like Lsyncd) gets a directory creation event, creates a
watch for the directory and scans the new directory for files or
subdirectories in there, subdirectories are handled recursevly.

This way nothing can be missed.

The general warning of "bugs may be possible" is a no-brainer. Yes, they
are always possible, everywhere.

As said, there are some issues with the "move" (aka rename) event to be
detected as such, sometimes it may be detected as a create / delete without
proper acknowleding the move within the watched tree. And events may not
arrive in the same order as they happened, due to multi-core nature of
modern systems. But otherwise than that, I'm convinced it is fine. And all
of this is not a real issue with event based filter list creation to minify
rsyncs work.

The only other issue I know of is hard links. Create a hard link outside
the watched directory to a file within the watched directory tree and
altering will not create an event. In that case you just must not do them.
This has hardly been an issue in most usecases tough.
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