Huge directory tree: Get files to sync via tools like sysdig

Axel Kittenberger axkibe at
Thu Feb 9 13:43:57 UTC 2017

> Not only that, but inotify is not guaranteed.  (At least not on
> 3.16.0.  Can't say regards later versions.)  So you might miss some
> changes.

Got any info on that?

I noted that MOVE_FROM and MOVE_TO events are not guaranted to arrive in
order, or even the file descriptor might briefly close with "no more
events" inbetween them, but I never ever heared of anybody encountering an
issue of an event in a watched directory on not being correctly reported,
without getting the information of an overlfow with an OVERFLOW event,
which results in case of Lsyncd in a full rescan of everything.
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