[Bug 12942] Traffic shaping: Make --bwlimit dynamic

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Wed Aug 2 07:35:36 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from kapotuc at gmail.com ---
Hi Roland, thanks for your help. I looked at your solution:

export RSYNC_RSH="sh -c 'pv -qL10k | ssh \"\$@\" | (pv -qL11k; kill \$\$)' ssh"

Of course using $$ was the lazy way out, should kill pv instead but how to
obtain the pid in a oneliner?

Two remarks:

(1) You can easily get the pids of pv with: pv --pidfile /tmp/foo; and then you
will do: kill $(cat /tmp/foo).

(2) The solution does not work well. If I start a transfer at low speed and I
raise the speed (with pv -R [pid] -L [speed]), it works. But if a network
transfer runs with high speeds and if I decrease the speed afterwards, I don't
see any immediate effect. Sometimes I see it 20 minutes later... So I cannot
regard this as a good solution; a "dynamic" --bwlimit option is needed.

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