[Bug 12732] hard links can cause rsync to block or to silently skip files

L. A. Walsh rsync at tlinx.org
Thu Apr 6 00:50:18 UTC 2017

Kevin Korb via rsync wrote:
> Note that in all --*-dest options if the path is relative it is relative
> to the target dir not the "$PWD".  I like to always use absolute paths
> because of this.  But essentially, the command with the instances of
> $PWD vs without them the paths aren't the same.  If you want all
> relative to . paths it would be:
> rsync -aHvv --compare-dest=../dstlt/. srclt/. baklt/.
    Good point -- though it still doesn't explain the differing
output when dstlt or baklt are on different file systems (one
works, while the other was worse)....

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