-e escape rule

Samuel Williams space.ship.traveller at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 04:21:47 UTC 2016

> Yeah, it only does space-splitting and that's all it will ever do. It still looks to me like there is a bug in the original escaping, since any command receiving that string is receiving a backslash that is not supposed to be there. It should only be escaping the string enough to get it to rsync, not trying to guess what rsync is going to do with it after it gets it.

I'm not proposing some additional characters to split on, but quite
the opposite, to handle the backslash escaped spaces correctly and NOT
split. Rest assured, there is no bug with the original escaping. For
your edification:

$ echo \I\'\m\ \a\ \s\t\r\i\n\g
I'm a string

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