rsync: connection unexpectedly closed

Bernd Hohmann hohmann at
Wed Oct 19 21:12:55 UTC 2016

On 19.10.2016 21:46, devzero at wrote:

> what does lsof tell? does rsync hang on a specific file?

Nothing. I ruled this out already.

> i would wonder if this is a rsync problem. as you told you killed all
> processes.
> so, on the second run rsync knows nothing from before...

Maybe something stupid in the SSH(D) stack. I checked all running ssh
instances for orphans - nothing.

Current status quo of testing:

1) After restarting the client, rsync starts working synchronizing
changed/missing files on the server via vpn and runs into a timeout
after a couple of hours.

2) Restarting the backup (after pkill'ing rsync on both sides, just to
be sure) runs into a timeout and no attempt was made to rsync files.

3) Hint: If I remove a directory (13 Files, 50GB total), everything is fine.

Are there some magic Unix file attributes on ext4?


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