[Bug 12305] --fallocate and --sparse work wrong

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Sat Oct 8 19:44:32 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Коренберг Марк <socketpair at gmail.com> ---
Fallocated: areas of the file that has been fallocate()d, but stillnot written.
Technically, on sender, even written parts that was written, but contain zeroes
may be considered as fallocated areas. I mean that receiver should call
fallocate() on that region instead writing zeroes.

How to determine: How to determine if area is alocated: lseek() +
SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE. And after that, check if non-sparse area contains zeroes.
Another way - is to examine fiemap (
https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/fiemap.txt )

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