Robustness: sometimes write times after having renamed the temp file

Guillaume Outters guillaume-rsync at
Wed Nov 30 10:59:04 UTC 2016

Le 2016-11-30 11:19, Henri Shustak a écrit :

> I believe some work on this was happening at one point in rsync (not
> specific to OS X).

I would be interested to know which problematic cases motivated this 
work; I did not find trace of it in the source.

> In terms of your issues specifically, would the fuzzy option possibly 
> help you?

Hmm, no, it doesn't do anything.
fuzzy would help on naming problems; in the "dest is UDF" case (with 
the default, --no-inplace, mode: 'file' gets tranfered as 
'.file.XXXXXX', then renamed to 'file'):
- the name is correctly renderered
- but the timestamps are not (well, they are transfered, but then reset 
to 'now' by the FS during the final renaming)

Thus my patch to swap the timestamping with the renaming when it is 
detected that the FS has this flaw.


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