[Bug 12440] make "rsync -N" == "rsync --numeric-ids" ?

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Wed Nov 23 19:02:26 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Harri <hdunkel at aixigo.de> ---
I have several objections:
* --numeric-ids is in wide use, while there is no --crtimes in rsync yet
* --crtimes is useful only on MacOS, --numeric-ids on all Unix-like platforms.
  probality for someone using --numeric-ids is much higher.
* There is no "n" in "crtimes". The letter was chosen just because it was free. 
  Another char could be used just as easy. But "N" == "numeric"? Thats easy to
Of course the --crtimes is a useful option for the MacOS command line users,
but maybe Apple is dropping this feature in their new file system next week.

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