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>Then I'd run an rsync like:
>    rsync -av --overlay /path/to/sync/groupN \
>     /path/to/sync/common remotehost:

>Thinking in terms of a list of files to be transferred, I would like: -
>Anything present in common/ added to the file list; then - Anything
>present in groupN/ added to the list, clobbering if applicable
>(regardless of mtime) - The destination directory to show no sign of the
>common / overlay structure

The best solution will depend on the number of files in the special

Since you say the number is small, I suspect that something simple like:

  rsync -hia /path/to/sync/common remotehost:
  rsync -hia --ignore-times /path/to/sync/groupN remotehost:

will be close to optimal.

Another option is to build an --exclude-from list for the files in the
special group and apply it to the first rsync.  Then you can run the
second rsync without the --ignore-times, which may result in faster
overall throughput.

FWIW, I think you will find the -hi output more useful than the -v output.


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