Memory consumption for rsync -axv --delete

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Sun Mar 27 06:49:02 UTC 2016

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You miss-understand the purpose of --link-dest.  Yes, it gives you
multiple complete backups, but each only consumes the disk space
needed to store files that are unique to that backup.  Files that are
the same in 2 backup runs are actually the same file in multiple
directories requiring only 1 to actually be stored.

On 03/27/2016 02:39 AM, John Long wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 11:16:47AM -0400, Kevin Korb wrote:
>> If you were using --link-dest to make multiple backups you
>> wouldn't need --delete because the target is always a new empty
>> directory (with - --link-dest pointing to the previous backup
>> run).
> The source is around 200G and the target box only has 500G total
> and some of it is used for other data. What I want to do is mirror
> the source on the target and be able to prune the files that get
> deleted from the source from the target also. I don't have enough
> space to back up the whole thing and that is very time consuming
> anyway over 100M/b link which is why I was using --delete. For a
> long time it was ok, but now I don't have enough RAM.
> There is one giant directory that is probably problematic because
> it has a huge number of files. I suspect this is the one that's
> causing me problems but it is relatively static. I suppose it could
> be backed up and cleaned up separately.
> Is there any way to reduce RAM consumption on the target box while
> still getting the benefit of the --delete function? I am thinking
> of trying to back up everything but the gigantic directory with a
> large number of files, and then backing up only that directory. Is
> this a reasonable strategy? I just couldn't understand if --delete
> with --exclude would delete files from the target outside the
> --exclude path. I guess the answer is no but it would be a very
> time consuming mistake. I'm trying to make sure before I try it.
> Thanks for your help and I'm sorry for my poorly worded post(s).
> /jl

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