rsync failure on corrupted source data

Simon Hobson linux at
Tue Jun 28 11:02:34 UTC 2016

Fabian Cenedese <Cenedese at> wrote:

>> rsync: write failed on "/Volumes/durack1ml_bak/160405_1234/Backups.backupdb/durack1ml/2016-02-10-091749/durack1ml_hdd/Applications/Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015/Adobe Media Encoder CC": Result too large (34)

> Are you sure that the problem is with the corrupted source data? Because the
> error happens on writing the data on the destination.
> rsync: write failed on ... : Result too large (34)
> However I don't know what that error means.


But sort of answering the original question, if it is a corrupted source, then my favourite tool is gnu ddrescue which is specifically designed for recovering as much as possible from failing/damaged media. It's saved the day for me (or friends/clients) many times :-)
Note: always use it with a log file - then it keeps track of what's been copied, what's a "hard" fail, and what's still left to try. You can stop and restart (it'll pick up where it left off), and force it to retry stuff (sometimes, letting a drive cool off will allow a few more bad blocks to be read).

Not to be confused with the confusingly similarly named dd_rescue which doesn't have half the features or abilities.

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