rsync keeps writing files over

Perry Hutchison perryh at
Fri Jun 3 07:47:22 UTC 2016

"McDowell, Blake" <McDowellH at> wrote:

> The storage is just an regular HDD in a mac pro tower. I can't
> imagine why it wouldn't handle timestamps. Also of note - this
> problem doesn't exist for every file, just the vast majority.
> So, that just makes it more confusing.

The filesystem format (MacOS native?  FAT?) might be a factor.

> Yes, I imagine rsync is not the best for linear tape but give the
> choice between cp (which is faster and causes less problems but
> offers almost zero verbosity) and rsync, I???ll choose rsync. If
> people know of other options, I???d be very happy to know of them.

Best choice for magtape is probably something like tar, cpio, or pax
(for a file-oriented backup), or the appropriate variant of dump(8)
(to back up an entire filesystem -- but not all FS formats have a
dump/restore suite available).

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