rsync on Windows questions

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Jul 1 07:15:30 UTC 2016


I'm using a cygwin compiled rsync on Windows to backup
and restore files from my local Windows computer. I'm trying
several destination types:

- remote with rsync://
- Samba share \\Server\Share
- local drive

I'm having problems with the user rights. The backup works
ok but after restoring some files I can't access them. I've
read that this is because rsync runs as cygwin user and the
*ix rights are completely different than the Windows ACLs.
I've tried various combinations of -o -g -acl -p etc. But none
worked so I could access my files immediately. Some people
had success when adding in their cygwin /etc/fstab a mount
parameter noacl. However I don't have a full cygwin, only the
rsync binary and the necessary cygwin dlls. The only
parameter that helped somehow was


Is there no other possibility? Can I maybe tell cygwin to use
a custom fstab from my installation directory? How do other
people use rsync on Windows?

And a second question: Do --copy-dest or --link-dest
help on local targets? Or does this create even
more stress on the disk?


bye  Fabi

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