[Bug 8990] It might be nice to make --append-verify also transfer non-appending files

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Tue Jan 26 09:40:49 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Andrey Bond <plboy at mail.ru> ---
I make backup users data. There is the problem with file that are reduced.

For example there is the file outlook.pst with size more 2GB. I use the
--inplace and --append-verify options. When this file become larger the sync is
working properly. But if this file become smaller, because the user erase some
messages, the file will not be syncroniced.

Now I start rsync twice for backup of snapshot with --append-verify after
whithout --append-verify. If I start rsync without --append-verify first the
rsync copy the whole file (instead of copying the changes) if size is larger
then distenation file.

I think the need to check all files with modified date by checksum. May be with
aditional option.

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