Why is my rsync transfer slow?

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Sun Jan 24 19:39:38 UTC 2016

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> On 2016-01-24 03:51, Kevin Korb wrote:
>> Are you rsyncing from one to the other?  Both of them to somewhere
>> else?  One at a time to somewhere else?  Why won't you just show your
>> actual command line and an ls -li of the correct source and incorrect
>> target?
> Are you trolling me? All the information you ask for above has been
> clearly spelled out in previous messages, messages you have replied to.

Sorry for butting in, but hope this helps:

The command line you posted earlier reads

 % rsync -HzvhErlptgoDW --stats --progress --out-format="%t %f %b" /source/

I think Kevin is asking you write out that /source/ and /destination
exactly as used on the command line so that one could understand what is
going on better. The issues you're facing are rather unusual so a more
complete description may help figure what's going on. Sure, you can mask
username/password etc but do not simplify source and destination paths.

Also the the description "The destination is a sparse disk image bundle
mounted locally (but its
"source file" is on a network storage)" is too cryptic. What kind of
network storage? How is it mounted -- NFS? SMB? What kind of sparse disk
image? What's a bundle?  Not that I have any clue why the transfer could be
so slow or why rsync is not detecting hardlinks in your case (it should, as
Kevin initially pointed out), but someone else may be able to shed some

Just trying to help,

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