[Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send

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Fri Dec 30 17:47:59 UTC 2016


--- Comment #26 from Ben RUBSON <ben.rubson at gmail.com> ---
### What's the diff between --fuzzy and --detect-renamed ?

If I understand correctly, --fuzzy looks only in destination folder, for either
a file that has an identical size and modified-time, or a similarly-named file,
and uses it as a basis file.
Whereas --detect-renamed looks everywhere for files that either match in size &
modify-time, or match in size & checksum (when --checksum is used), and uses
each match as a basis file.
So the main difference is destination_folder_only vs everywhere, am I right ?

### Some questions :

# --fuzzy can be used twice to look in --link-dest folders, useful when
backing-up to an empty directory. What about --detect-renamed ?

# Don't these 2 options kill memory when backing-up many many files
(furthermore when also looking in --link-dest folders) ? Don't they maintain
in-memory list of files ?

# Will these options only do their job when needed (need to find a basis file),
or every time ?

# Do these options impact destination performance, or do they benefit from
already-done scans ? For example, will -yy scan all --link-dest dirs (disk IO
intensive) even if perhaps it's not needed ?

# About --detect-renamed, let's imagine foo/A has been foud in bar/. Will it be
smart enough to directly search for foo/B in bar/, instead of restarting a
whole lookup ?

# These 2 options use found file as a basis file. Let's imagine the found file
totally matches, and we are using --link-dest. Could we think about linking the
file instead of copying it ?

# Last, do you have plans for --detect-renamed onto the trunk ?

Thank you very much for this deep-analysis !


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