link-dest + fuzzy twice = vanished

Ben RUBSON ben.rubson at
Thu Dec 29 16:40:51 UTC 2016


I use --link-dest which works perfectly :
rsync -a -R --link-dest="../2016-12-28/" --link-dest="../2016-12-27/" /my/backup/folder ::daemon/mycomputer/2016-12-29/

Now I would like to use --fuzzy --fuzzy, so that rsync algorithm can also work with similarly named files found in other link-dest directories.
So I simply added --fuzzy --fuzzy to my previous command line.

But it does not work.
--fuzzy --fuzzy eligible files are not detected (--debug=FUZZY2 gives nothing at all).
Files are still correctly linked, but for every file, rsync daemon logs the following :
file has vanished: "/mycomputer/2016-12-29/2016-12-28/my/backup/folder/file"
file has vanished: "/mycomputer/2016-12-29/2016-12-27/my/backup/folder/file"

I don't have these errors with only one --fuzzy.
So sounds like these are related to --fuzzy --fuzzy, which tries to reach files in link-dest directories, but does not succeed because of a wrongly calculated path.

I'm already surprised that it tries to reach these directories for every file to backup, even if the file has to be simply hard-linked (same name/date/perms etc...).

Sender and receiver are both rsync 3.1.2.

Thank you very much for your help !

Best regards,


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