Doubt on usage of rsync for chown of existing folders

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Hi Kevin, 

Thank you very much. I changed my user in the remote machine (su). 

Then, by trying again with rsync but with no modification in the source folder, I see that file ownership continues the same.

Would be possible for rsync to change the ownership in this case (I am not root) ?


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The syntax looks correct.  However, note that only root can chown.
You must be running rsync on the target end as root for --chown or
- --owner to work.  If you aren't using root access then just run the
target rsync as the user you want the files to be owned by and it will
have no choice.

On 09/10/2015 06:42 PM, Celso de Sousa Junior wrote:
> Hi,
> Please, I am using rsync to synchronize local machine with remote
> machine.
> I already have some files copied. Now I have to change the
> ownership from existing files in the destination folder.
> I tried the following options but it did not worked. Can you please
> help me with other options or alternatives ?
> --perms --chown=user:group --chmod=777 --exclude-from=$EXCLUDES
> -avzi --rsync-path="/usr/local/bin/rsync" -e ssh
> Thanks, Regards, CJ

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