[Bug 11496] itemized logging of transferred bytes is cumulative instead of per file

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--- Comment #1 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> ---
Yeah, the combination of using --log-file=FILE with %b/%c was not correct.  It
was working right for a daemon's transfer logging and for --out-format='%b/%c',
but not for the --log-file option.

Since the "tym" script does not output client progress, it could switch from
using --log-file to using a combination of --out-format (with "%t [%p] "
prefixed to match the current log lines) and output redirection (>>) to get the
expected values even on older rsync versions.

> While looking at this I saw the code for %c (received checksum bytes) has the
> same code as for %b so it will print transferred bytes instead of received
> checksum bytes.

No, you missed the negated am_sender conditional that makes the %c output
different from %b.

Thanks for the report.

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