Disabling "quick check"

Clint Olsen clint.olsen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 02:07:10 UTC 2015


I've been using rsync to create backups for a few years. A few months ago I
started experiencing sector errors. I ended up replacing the drive and
copying the drive data. It turns out that due to the default behavior of
rsync "quick check", some of the files were modified without altering the
modification time or size, so these files are still clean in the backup. I
would like to recover these files, but I need to defeat the quick check in
order to do this. It looks like using:

       -I, --ignore-times          don't skip files that match size and time

will work. I just want to confirm that this covers it. The long-form of the
switch doesn't mention size, so I was concerned this was the right way to
accomplish this. If there are any other switches that would be useful in
the context of potentially corrupt files, please feel free to chime in...


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