[Bug 11572] rsync --debug doesn't work, and gives erroneous results when taken out

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Sat Oct 24 21:46:51 UTC 2015


--- Comment #5 from john lutz <lutz.john at yahoo.com> ---
the thing is. i been using rsync for 4 years and 'rsync -rav src dest' always
worked for me under ubuntu and debian yet under Fedora it seems to be a
treasure trove of bugs and general disarray.

now don't get me wrong rsync will freeze and unfreeze and freeze event he mouse
cursor ,etc al. a long running transfer under ubuntu and debian but it will
retain the ACLS and the transfer the proper files. while under Fedora it does 
not at all.

i am using a external usb3 hard drive with ext4. same exact hardware setup with
debian and ubuntu i've already mentioned.


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