transferring large encrypted images.

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Tue Oct 13 19:03:21 UTC 2015

Paolo Bolzoni <paolo.bolzoni.brown at> schreef:

> Why are you encrypting the files and not the filesystem and the channel?

Because of what the other person mentioned.

If anything anywhen gets compromised, people may have access to the  
filesystem(s) and the channel(s) before they get access to the file.  
That is to say, yes it is a remote host with a form of cloud  
suppliance. I do not think that I can encrypt that filesystem. Of  
course, I could encrypt it on the spot but then rsync would also not  

They might take my private key from somewhere, so to speak (that does  
the transfer) but then they still won't have the file.

The local filesystem is encrypted, not one of the others. I mean I see  
the advantage technically but practically having an encrypted file is  
way superior for me.

They are images, so they are like filesystems themselves. It is a  
filesystem that is being stored on a filesystem.

That's why I encrypt the image. And I store them on remote hosts that  
I do not control.

Regards, X.

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