Strange problem with rsync and expect

Guangmu Zhu guangmuzhu at
Tue Jun 16 00:38:53 MDT 2015

Version: 3.0.6OS: CentOS 6.6

I met a strange problem when using rsync with expect. I wrote a script backing up using rsync and expect. However when I run the script twice for two different files at same time,  the two files on destination path would be deleted automatically before the files closed. The output of inotify_wait was like:
./ MODIFY .redo02.log.dOlbek

./ DELETE .redo02.log.dOlbek

./ CLOSE_WRITE,CLOSE .redo02.log.dOlbek

I didn't use any --del options and tried --ignore-errors --max-delete=0, but they didn't work. The problem happened only when two processes were running at same time.  Here is my script:#!/usr/bin/expect

log_user 0

set env(LANG) en_US.UTF-8

set user        "[lindex $argv 0]"

set bwlimit     "[lindex $argv 1]"

set timeout     "[lindex $argv 2]"

set src_path    "[lindex $argv 3]"

set dest_ip     "[lindex $argv 4]"

set dest_path   "[lindex $argv 5]"

set passwd      "[lindex $argv 6]"

spawn rsync -artqz4 -e "ssh -p 22 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -l $user" \

            --bwlimit=$bwlimit --timeout=$timeout "$src_path" "$dest_ip:$dest_path"

expect {

    "Connection refused" {exit 1}

    "Name or service not known" {exit 2}

    "Permission denied*" {exit 3}

    "continue connecting" {send "yes\r"; exp_continue}

    "password:" {send "$passwd\r"; exp_continue}



May I did something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Guangmu Zhu
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