[Bug 11378] Please add a '--line-buffered' option to rsync to make logging/output more friendly with pipes/syslog/CI systems/etc.

Ken Chase rsync-list-m829 at sizone.org
Sun Jul 5 00:03:50 UTC 2015

Imagine it, all those updates to a transfering large files with -P , 100,000 lines
of progress PER file...


On Sat, Jul 04, 2015 at 06:56:21PM +0000, samba-bugs at samba.org said:
  >--- Comment #3 from Karl O. Pinc <kop at meme.com> ---
  >On Sat, 04 Jul 2015 17:56:25 +0000
  >samba-bugs at samba.org wrote:
  >> --- Comment #2 from Nathan Neulinger <nneul at neulinger.org> ---
  >> Perhaps the naming is not correct on my suggested option (and I'll
  >> admit, I completely missed the outbuf option) - unfortunately, outbuf
  >> doesn't actually solve the problem. 
  >> The goal is to get incremental progress output while running rsync
  >> through a build system or similar.
  >What would happen if you piped the rsync output through
  >tr and changed \r to \n?
  >Karl <kop at meme.com>
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