cut-off time for rsync ?

Dirk van Deun dvandeun at
Thu Jul 2 09:43:37 UTC 2015

> What is taking time, scanning inodes on the destination, or recopying the entire
> backup because of either source read speed, target write speed or a slow interconnect
> between them?

It takes hours to traverse all these directories with loads of small
files on the backup server.  That is the limiting factor.  Not
even copying: just checking the timestamp and size of the old copies.

The source server is the actual live system, which has fast disks,
so I can afford to move the burden to the source side, using the find
utility to select homes that have been touched recently and using
rsync only on these.

But it would be nice if a clever invocation of rsync could remove the
extra burden entirely.

Dirk van Deun
Ceterum censeo Redmond delendum

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